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Fund Structures

Contributory Mortgage Unit Trust

Investors contribute money in exchange for which they receive an interest in a contributory mortgage trust.

The monies are collected by Surefire Capital and invested in a secured single loan or group of related loans which has been preapproved by Investors.

Surefire Capital is the trustee of the Trust. This means that Surefire Capital acts as the lender under the loan agreement(s). Also, any security such as a mortgage is registered in the name of Surefire Capital. All rights held by Surefire Capital as lender and as holder of the security interest are held on trust for the Investors.

Surefire Capital receives interest and principal payments from the borrower(s) and distributes these to Investors in accordance with the terms of the Trust Deed.

As beneficiaries in the trust, Investors hold the beneficial interest in the trust property. Investors are entitled to interest and principal payments made under the loan agreement(s) and also to their share of any monies recovered in a default situation.