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Investment Products: General Information

Surefire Capital operates multiple investment funds. Each Surefire Fund is a standalone investment vehicle which provides investment exposure to a secured loan or secured group of related loans. Your interest in a particular Surefire Fund is a fixed income asset.

You choose the Surefire Fund in which you wish to invest.

• Your investment is an interest in that particular Surefire Fund and the assets (usually loans) backing that Surefire Fund.

• Your investment is not an interest in Surefire Capital and you are not exposed to the general risks of Surefire Capital.

Each Surefire Fund is separate and distinguishable investment vehicle. The assets and liabilities of each fund are completely segregated. This means that investment in a Surefire Fund exposes you only to the risks and returns of that particular Fund. You may choose in which Surefire Funds you wish to invest and are at no time obligated to invest in any other Surefire Fund.

For each new fund we send out an Information Memorandum to approved wholesale investors. The Information Memorandum sets out all the relevant information relating to the Fund. It also includes a section for you to express your interest in investing.

Your interest in a Surefire Fund will usually take the form of units in a contributory mortgage unit trust. Surefire Capital will act as trustee and deal with trust assets as dictated under the relevant Unit Trust Deed. Surefire Capital will also hold on trust for Investors the security interest granted by borrowers.